ColorQuartz Inducast mix

UniQuartz AC InduMix is packed in 25 kg PE ventile bags

    Available standard UniQuartz AC InduMix granulations
  • 0,2-0,8 mm
  • 0,4-0,9 mm
  • 0,5-1,0 mm
  • 0,8-1,2G mm
  • 1,0-2,0 mm
  • 1,0-2,2 mm
  • 1,6-2,2 mm
  • 2,0-3,0 mm
  • Other on request.

UniQuartz AC InduMix

UniQuartz AC InduMix are decorative multicolor sand mixtures. The colors are highly bright and attractive. The sand is excellently sorted and colored with the high-grade CfQS two components polyurethane system that is fully UV stable.

Processed natural sands are washed, sieved and dried to become highly technical reproductive products. For the technical details of the natural base of these colored sands, see our technical datasheet for Natural silica sand Quartz Q.

UUniQuartz AC InduMix is suitable for following applications:

  • Polymer flooring scattering systems
  • Acrylic multicolor wall finishings
  • Polymer flooring COMPAC system
  • Decorative applications

Look how “made in poland” sand , goes all over the world with Sony. They used our product IC InduCast ICP D777 for promotion of their product “SONY xperia tablet S”.

See the clip and look for the violet sand at 16 and 48 seconds.

Technical datasheet UniQuartz AC InduMix
Colorcard UniQuartz AC InduMix