About us

HM-ppw / Merkury SP. z o.o is a producer of professional formulated high grade functional mineral fillers and granulates. Our products are suitable for applications like polymer concrete, adhesives, mortars, slurries, self-levelling floorings and more.

We offer a variety of dry fillers, half fabricates and ready to use mixed polymer mortars. Perfect for application for both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

To maintain high quality, we combine decades of experience and use the finest raw materials – like silica sands, flours, and other mineral/granulate fillers. We dry, sieve, mix and cover the raw materials with UV stabil coating. Our products and recipes are supported by a diversity of chemical additives to optimize the technical and functional properties. On special request products can be packed according to customer specifications and delivered in ready-to-use form.

Herewith we introduce you to our products, which can boast a good competitiveness and high quality. If you care about good products and solid quality, we invite you to cooperate and familiarize with our products. Thanks to them, you will achieve a high level of satisfaction among your customers as well as new opportunities. Our experience and commitment will lead to a solid cooperation.


HM-ppw / Merkury Sp .z o.o combines low exploitation costs, superior production techniques, knowledge of materials and the market - in order to obtain a competitive product and quality.

Functional fillers and resin-bonded compounds contain minerals like silica sand. This is an inexpensive material, as it is mined, easily and in large amounts. However, with reference to the structure of the minerals we observe a large variety of technical properties of these raw materials. Therefore, not every natural raw material is suitable or the best solution as a component for a good mixture of resin.

We have wide knowledge of the nature of raw materials, the market and decades of experience that we embody in varied processing methods. We assert an optimum result when your polymeric binders will be mixed with our fillers.

We invite you to read our offer and contact us, we will gladly send samples of the products selected by you. We invite you to a fruitful cooperation, visit our websites or contact us.