MarMoreti - marble granules

Are naturally formed and re-shaped, rounded marble granules in brilliant colour shades. They are rounded in an industrial process and find it's application as polymer-bonded marble carpets based on epoxy or polyurethane.

Washing and drying processes are essential for both , visual and technical properties. Washing removes contaminations, but drying is even more important. Because of the low abrasion in the process, fine dust particles are not formed and do not remain on the MarMoreti. Our production methods guarantee pureness of MarMoreti and its distinctive, bright, intensive colour.

Standard granulate can be impregnated with polyurethane polymer on special request. These MarMoreti granules coated with UV-resistant polyurethane two component binder, have better mechanical properties and lower consumption of binder.

Suitable for a wide variety of applications such as stone carpets, wall finishes, interior and exterior applications, terrazzo material and gardening.


MarMoreti is packed in 25 kg PE ventile bags

    Available standard MarMoreti granulations
  • 1-4 mm
  • 4-8 mm
  • 8-12 mm on request

Broken marble split granulates and other fractions like 1 to 16 mm are available on special reqest.

ColorCard MarMoreti