The product AQUA-drain are natural decorative shady monocolors. The granulations are excellent sorted and colored with the high-grade UV stable CQE 2 component polyurethane system.

The processed natural sands are washed, sieved and dryed to highly technical reproductive granulations. For the technical details of the natural base of these colored sands see our technical datasheet for Natural silica sand Quartz Q.

AQUA_drain is everywhere applicable where rainwater has to drain to soil through the pavement like tree-pits, walk ways, garden paths, garage driveways and building entries.


AQUA_drain is standard packed in 25 kg PE ventile bags or in 1000/1250 kg Big Bags

    Available standard AQUA_drain granulations
  • 2,0-3,0 mm
  • 2,0-4,0 mm
  • 3,0-5,0 mm
  • 4,0-6,0 mm
  • 5,0-8,0 mm
  • Other on request like 8,0-12,0 mm
Datenblatt Farbsand AQUA_drain